Glass Recycling

Glass waste refers to discarded or unwanted glass materials that are no longer needed or usable. It encompasses various forms of waste generated during the production, consumption, and disposal of glass products. Glass waste can come from different sources, including households, industries, and commercial establishments.

Green Colour Code Waste Treatment caters recycling and processing of following glass waste:

Industrial glass waste: 

This type of waste originates from industrial processes involving glass manufacturing or fabrication. It includes manufacturing defects, excess production or rejected glass products, and leftover or scrap glass from cutting, shaping, or installation processes.

Construction and demolition glass waste: 

Glass waste is also generated during construction or demolition activities. Broken or damaged glass windows, doors, mirrors, and glass fixtures from buildings and structures contribute to this category of waste.

Glass waste takes up significant space in landfills, reducing the available capacity for other waste materials. When glass waste is not properly disposed of or recycled, it can contribute to environmental pollution.

Green Colour Code Waste Treatment manages glass waste handling efficiently that involves collecting, sorting, and processing of glass materials to be reused.

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