Paper & Cardboard Recycling

Paper and cardboard waste refers to discarded or unwanted paper and cardboard materials that have served their purpose or are no longer needed. It includes various types of paper products such as newspapers, magazines, office paper, packaging materials, cardboard boxes, and paper-based packaging.

Paper and cardboard waste is generated from multiple sources, including households, businesses, offices, and retail establishments. It can result from activities such as printing, packaging, document disposal, and product packaging.

Paper and cardboard waste can be bulky due to its light weight and ability to take up significant space. It can quickly accumulate and occupy a considerable portion of municipal waste streams. Recycling paper and cardboard diverts them from landfills, reducing the volume of waste sent for disposal and extending the lifespan of landfill sites.

At Green Colour Code Waste Treatment, Paper and cardboard waste collected are sorted based on their types, grades, and quality. This step helps separate different types of paper and remove contaminants like plastics, metal clips, and other non-paper materials. The sorted paper and cardboard waste are then forwarded to our facility for shredding, pulping, and further processing.

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