Wood Recycling

Wood waste refers to the discarded or unwanted wood materials that are no longer useful or required. It covers various forms of waste generated from wood products and timber processing throughout their lifecycle, including production waste, construction and demolition waste, and post-consumer waste.
Green Colour Code Waste Treatment process the following types of Wood waste:

Production Waste: 

Production waste includes by-products, trimmings, and offcuts generated during the manufacturing and processing of wood products. This waste can originate from sawmills, carpentry workshops, furniture factories, and other wood-related industries.

Construction and Demolition Waste: Construction and demolition activities generate substantial amounts of wood waste. This includes waste from construction sites, such as excess lumber, packaging materials, pallets, and scaffolding, as well as demolished wooden structures like buildings and bridges.

Post-Consumer Waste: 

Post-consumer wood waste refers to wood products that have been used by consumers and subsequently discarded. It includes items such as furniture, flooring, pallets, and wooden packaging materials that have reached the end of their lifespan or are no longer needed.

Green Colour Code Waste Treatment adheres to the standard recycling and Sustainable Resource Management. We exert our effort to promote wood waste recycling, responsible sourcing, and sustainable waste management contributing to reduce the environmental impact of wood waste.

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