Accreditation, Certification and Licenses

Meeting the highest standards of environmental quality and safety

Green Colour Code Waste Treatment takes immense pride in our distinguished achievements, notable accreditations, and certifications in the field of recycling and waste management. These esteemed accolades not only demonstrate our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability but also serve as a testament to our expertise and adherence to industry standards. Through our relentless pursuit of excellence and adherence to rigorous certification processes, we have garnered appreciations and credentials that distinguish us as a trusted leader in the recycling and waste management sector.

At Green Colour Code Waste Treatment, we take great pride in our commitment to excellence and our dedication to providing exceptional recycling and waste management solutions. Our efforts have been recognized through a range of prestigious certifications and accreditations, demonstrating our industry-leading standards and commitment to sustainability.


Green Colour Code holds various certifications that validate our adherence to industry best practices and rigorous standards. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, and compliance. They provide our clients with the assurance that our processes and services meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

We are certified by Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015), Environment Management System (ISO 14001:2015), Occupational Health and Management System (ISO 45001:2018), and Customer Complaints Management System (ISO 10002:2018) respectively.

Green Colour Code is proud to hold the R2v3 certification demonstrating our commitment to environmentally friendly practices, data security, and ethical handling of electronic waste. We aim to provide our clients with peace of mind by adhering to industry-leading practices and upholding the highest standards in responsible recycling.


We have achieved notable accreditations from recognized organizations within the recycling and waste management sector. These accreditations reflect our dedication to maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, ethical conduct, and operational excellence. They validate our expertise, competence, and commitment to sustainable practices.

Appreciation and Environmental Contribution

We have been honored to receive several industry recognition and appreciation of our outstanding contributions to the field of recycling and waste management. These humble and yet empowering tokens of gratitude highlight our innovative approaches, exceptional service, and our positive impact on the environment. These serve as a proven testament to our ongoing efforts to set new benchmarks in recycling industry.

By holding these  certifications, accreditations, and appreciations, We aim to instill confidence in our clients and partners. They serve as evidence of our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, maintaining environmental integrity, and continually striving for improvement.

We are proud to be recognized for our accomplishments, but we remain driven to do even more. We view these accolades as milestones along our journey towards a greener and more sustainable future. Rest assured that when you choose Green Colour Code, you are partnering with an industry leader that is committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence.

We invite you to experience the recognized, certified, and accredited services of Green Colour Code.

Contact us and let us be your trusted partner in transforming waste into sustainability.

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